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SPAK in a nutshell

SPAK brings performing arts into local schools, institutions and ngo's, or to those who otherwise do not have access to performing arts education.

Mission and Vision

The current education system in Nepal predominantly focuses on the cognitive development of children. However, learning entails more than processing knowledge from books with our brains. Besides cognitive involvement, learning requires an emotional and expressive body and mind. We at SPAK believe that arts education fosters expression of emotions. This element of learning contributes to childhood development and lifelong learning. All our classes have one thing in common: the education of expressing one’s ideas and feelings.

We believe that all children and adults deserve to become creative and expressive human beings. Our goal at SPAK is to make arts education accessible by offering tailor made performing art classes, workshops, therapy and teacher training, to those who otherwise will not experience the joy and benefits of performing arts. Especially local schools and other public institutions in Nepal lack the resources and knowledge to offer arts education.

SPAK's vision is to encourage learning in which the differences between people are celebrated. Performing arts education is one way to make this learning possible.

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